Thutmose III was born c. 1504 B.C.E. Thutmose III succeeded to the throne after his father died, but for the first 20 years of his reign, he shared power with his aunt. After she died, he became pharaoh. As the sixth pharaoh of Egypt’s 18th dynasty, Thutmose III battled to reestablish Egyptian rule of Syria and Palestine, creating Egypt’s largest dynasty yet. He died in Egypt c. 1426 B.C.E.


  • Name: Thutmose
  • Birth Country: Egypt
  • Gender: Male
  • Best Known For: Pharaoh Thutmose III was the warrior king of Egypt’s 18th and largest dynasty. During his reign, he reestablished Egyptian rule of Syria and Palestine.
  • Industries
    • Politics and Government
    • Business and Industry
    • War and Militaries
  • Nacionalities
    • Egyptian
  • Death Year: 1426
  • Death Country: Egypt

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